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MMA, UFC, Gay Porn? April 28, 2009

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eltonOK so I got your attention with the header… ufcThru growing up in a Baptist school, with non-christian parents, my world view of homosexuality has been a bit … interesting.  While my parents never claimed that homosexuality was wrong, they certainly didn’t like hearing about it, or seeing it in public.  Then the school that I went to basically said that homosexuality is one of the worst things you can do…much the same as murder, and punishable by eternity in a custom made torture chamber created special by an angry God.  I have spent the last ten years of my life trying to wade thru issues like these and try to decipher what is right and logical. 

Early this morning I read an article about a quadruple amputee wrestler that did well in high-school wrestling and decided to try and make it in the UFC.  He evidently didn’t do very well, but this post really doesn’t have anything to do with him.  There was a comment under the article that really struck me here it is:


2. Posted by joeymcfur Tue Apr 28 9:57am EDT weird to live in a society where it is socially acceptable to see two men beat each other to a pulp but unacceptable to see two men kiss. I’d rather see some hard -core love in the cage.

I never really put that together…we have entertained ourselves with the sports of dominance, violence and pride.  While I think that it is possible to be a humble athlete, it doesn’t happen too often.  I am by all means fine with watching  UFC, NFL, NHL, NBA, an all other physical sports.  It’s just interesting to me that our culture accepts the above mentioned traits and rejects love.  Now given Gay porn isn’t for everyone, but what about the acceptance of love and compassion as an admirable trait.  There are millions of homosexuals who are stifled by our society to be who they want to be, because our society views their love as yucky, gross, or weird.  Isn’t it better then violence?





Infiltration of Christiandom April 22, 2009

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This was a great read that i came across today.  I love this guys pursuit and admire his attitude while there.  I wish that I had his development at such a young age.


Sinners in the hands of an angry God. April 14, 2009

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Ie3fe0c2640808a421 was surfing the Internet this afternoon and I came across the article and video that is linked at the bottom of this post.  I grew up listening to Baptist ministers and was given a view of God that was less then pleasant.  From my early recognition I viewed God as a lightning bolt wielding, St. Nick looking guy that was just waiting for someone to slip up so that He could hold a grudge again.  If you believe in this version of God you hold the view that your God and saviour is one that created men to fill His quota in Hell.  It wasn’t until I got older that I saw the beauty and wonderful grace that God actually is.  I had to abandon what I was taught about God and try to gain a neutral interpretation (my own interpretation) of who He actually is to me, and try to understand who He is to other people as well.   When I saw this video, it stoked a compassion in me for people that have not seen their True side of God.  We are blinded by our own experiential interpretation of who God is, rather then seeing it as it really is.

I love watching the judges reactions as they seem horrified at the beginning and increasingly see past their preconceived ideas and are proven wrong after just seconds of seeing who this person really is. tp://


Education and the church April 7, 2009

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69ec0b2507516ac8I grew up in a household that I would not consider to be “Christian” by religion, but held to Christian morals.  My grandparents were the real deal TBN Christians.  You know the type that have purple hair, wear lots of gold rings and pin-stripe suits.  They spent most of my childhood trying to get me saved (a few times a year) and encouraging me not to go to college.  They were fearful that if I went to college that I would abandon my Christian beliefs like both of my Aunts, and my Father. 

As I approached the college age, I became less dependant on logic and more dependant on Biblical interpretation.  I attended a conservative Bible college and was indoctrinated in all of the reasons why outside education is not necessary for Biblical understanding.  Half way thru my second year something happened to me.  I started to disbelieve what I was hearing day after day, and started asking why..?..  The answers to my questions were not easy, and because of this I was looked at as an unbeliever, in my schools as well as my grandparents eyes. 

I had a problem.  In order to be more educated it seemed I had to unsubscribe to the religion that both my grandparents and my school subscribed to.  This must have happened before.  Maybe to my Father and my Aunts and to everyone else who goes off to college and looses their religion.  Over the last decade I have come to peace with being a Christian who has problems with Christianity.  Iknow there are so many out there that believe that they have to choose one or the other….religion or education… in my opinion the two can be married together without issues. 

What are some of the pitfalls?

What does the Bible say about education?

Can Christianity coexist with logic and scientific truth?


The Double-standards of Christianity April 2, 2009

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wallcartoonI wouldn’t call myself addicted to bogging, but I have certainly done my fair share.  What I have seen that has always irked me is the selection of titles in the Christian blogosphere, and for that matter the content thereafter.  Titles like war vs. abortion, christians vs. Obama,  homosexual marriage, Git-mo vs. abortion.  While I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is important to stand on the things that you believe in.  I don’t see where alot of these posts are coming from.  War  (murdering human beings) vs. abortion (murdering human beings).  Capitol punishment (torture of human beings and/or killing them) vs. abortion (murder of human beings). Why does there need to be a distinction of evils here.  Is there one that is more evil then the other.  Is it OK to mame if we think that a person is hiding information?  Are secular homosexuals not to be treated just like secular heterosexuals? 

The double-standard comes when someone determines which issues are more important than others.  Which version of murder should take presidence.  What music is ok.  which political party is the ONE for Chritians.   What type of secular couple can or can’t get married, etc.etc.etc.  

Any thoughts?


Liberal vs. conservative March 30, 2009

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I’ve noticed thru the years something that is blaringly obvious.  Christians that have a conservative view of the Bible (inerrant, literal, etc.) are typically very conservative republicans.  Christians with a more liberal view of the Bible are typically more liberal democrats.  While there are hundreds of social views that I know are tied to both, is it possible to be a political liberal / Spiritual conservative, or vise-versa…?  Along with this question, is it morally wrong to separate your political views from your moral (spiritual) views?


Teach me so I can change. March 4, 2009

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The purpose of this blog is to give a place for those that are dissillusioned with Christianity.  A place for the author to gain perspective on why the Christian church continues to shrink and what can be done about it.  It is a blog where the commenter can post insight, reasoning, and dissapointment in the Christian church.  This is not a missional site, it is not to change your opinions or convert you to anything.  The posts will usually have to do with a recent experience that I have had, or insight into the journey that I have been on, and a few questions at the end of my post.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing your wisdom