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Liberal vs. conservative March 30, 2009

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I’ve noticed thru the years something that is blaringly obvious.  Christians that have a conservative view of the Bible (inerrant, literal, etc.) are typically very conservative republicans.  Christians with a more liberal view of the Bible are typically more liberal democrats.  While there are hundreds of social views that I know are tied to both, is it possible to be a political liberal / Spiritual conservative, or vise-versa…?  Along with this question, is it morally wrong to separate your political views from your moral (spiritual) views?


2 Responses to “Liberal vs. conservative”

  1. kevin wright Says:

    Yes. It is possible to be either Poli-Conserv & Bible-Lib or Poli-Lib & Bible-Conserv.

    1. Someone who is Bible-Conserv could interpret Bible time political commands closer to socialism, monarchy, or even a benevolent dictatorship. I know many Bible-Conservs who vote Poli-Lib because they see that the Bible has over 2500 verses speaking to helping the poor etc. I also know many Poli-Conservs who are so scientifically educated that they
    chalk large Bible story portions up to myth and allegory.

    2. It may be a sleep-losing moral soul conflict to separate the two? What we usually end up seeing is people trying their best to vote with heart, and they eventually bring out the “lesser of two evils” discussion. Like a pacifist voting for a candidate with a longer Iraq plan. But said pacifist compromised on the Iraq pullout to get more or less domestic social program coin etc.

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