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The Double-standards of Christianity April 2, 2009

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wallcartoonI wouldn’t call myself addicted to bogging, but I have certainly done my fair share.  What I have seen that has always irked me is the selection of titles in the Christian blogosphere, and for that matter the content thereafter.  Titles like war vs. abortion, christians vs. Obama,  homosexual marriage, Git-mo vs. abortion.  While I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is important to stand on the things that you believe in.  I don’t see where alot of these posts are coming from.  War  (murdering human beings) vs. abortion (murdering human beings).  Capitol punishment (torture of human beings and/or killing them) vs. abortion (murder of human beings). Why does there need to be a distinction of evils here.  Is there one that is more evil then the other.  Is it OK to mame if we think that a person is hiding information?  Are secular homosexuals not to be treated just like secular heterosexuals? 

The double-standard comes when someone determines which issues are more important than others.  Which version of murder should take presidence.  What music is ok.  which political party is the ONE for Chritians.   What type of secular couple can or can’t get married, etc.etc.etc.  

Any thoughts?


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