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Education and the church April 7, 2009

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69ec0b2507516ac8I grew up in a household that I would not consider to be “Christian” by religion, but held to Christian morals.  My grandparents were the real deal TBN Christians.  You know the type that have purple hair, wear lots of gold rings and pin-stripe suits.  They spent most of my childhood trying to get me saved (a few times a year) and encouraging me not to go to college.  They were fearful that if I went to college that I would abandon my Christian beliefs like both of my Aunts, and my Father. 

As I approached the college age, I became less dependant on logic and more dependant on Biblical interpretation.  I attended a conservative Bible college and was indoctrinated in all of the reasons why outside education is not necessary for Biblical understanding.  Half way thru my second year something happened to me.  I started to disbelieve what I was hearing day after day, and started asking why..?..  The answers to my questions were not easy, and because of this I was looked at as an unbeliever, in my schools as well as my grandparents eyes. 

I had a problem.  In order to be more educated it seemed I had to unsubscribe to the religion that both my grandparents and my school subscribed to.  This must have happened before.  Maybe to my Father and my Aunts and to everyone else who goes off to college and looses their religion.  Over the last decade I have come to peace with being a Christian who has problems with Christianity.  Iknow there are so many out there that believe that they have to choose one or the other….religion or education… in my opinion the two can be married together without issues. 

What are some of the pitfalls?

What does the Bible say about education?

Can Christianity coexist with logic and scientific truth?


One Response to “Education and the church”

  1. chrissiwright Says:

    I have struggled with this as well and would say that there is some good purging of the unnecessary add-ons of our faith that can happen through education. Certainly, some see the purging and find they are left with nothing. There’s was a faith dependent on those frivolous extras–narrow ways of thinking, “historical proof,” ethnocentric self-concepts–that really shouldn’t be part of our faith anyway. Some find that after all the struggles they are left with a simpler, stronger, more humble faith than they’ve ever had before. And they’re smarter. So that’s good too.

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